P90X Challenge – Day 28, Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

OH…MY…GOODNESS…Today’s workout was amazingly INTENSE!!! The Chest, Shoulders & Tricep workout was a new one for me. Today began “phase 2” of my P90X Challenge and it was INSANE! My arms were shaking before I was even half way into the workout. By the time I was done, my arms were shaking like crazy from my shoulders to my fingertips. I have to admit that this is probably the most intense upper body workout so far. It was filled with push-ups, dips, flys, and tricep kickbacks. I cannot believe how many different variations there are to the standard push-up. Seriously, who knew there were so many different variations?

When today’s workout routine was complete I walked to the XBOX and was all ready to turn it off, when I heard Tony’s voice begin talking about the Ab Ripper X. I stopped, turned to the TV, and my mouth dropped open in shock, as I saw the Ab Ripper X routine begin to play on the TV. What was happening? This had never happened before. Normally, the Ab Ripper X is on a separate DVD and I have to put it in when my first workout is complete. I had totally forgotten that I was supposed to do the Ab Ripper X today.

My arms were still shaking intensely from the workout I had just completed. I stood and stared at the TV for a minute, before my mind registered that I needed to get my mat and begin Ab Ripper X. As I began the Ab Ripper X workout, I realized that Tony must have known that if he did not include the Ab Ripper X on the same DVD as the Chest, Shoulders & Tricep routine, people probably would not do it. My arms were shaking so badly that I could understand how some people would have difficulty getting the DVD for Ab Ripper X out of the case to insert into the player. Seriously…I’m not joking! I don’t know if I could have, at least not right away.

There was not much “down” time between the two routines and I worried about whether I would even be able to complete Ab Ripper X today. I was pleasantly surprised as we began. It seemed that the past “recovery” week had done wonders for my Abs & Obliques. I was able to complete more reps than before and even had better form than I did two weeks ago. I soon forgot about my shaking arms as I focused on my shaking ab muscles instead. Before I knew it, Ab Ripper X was complete, and I was DONE!! YEAH FOR ME!

I guess there’s nothing like a super intense workout to work off the hot fudge, cake & ice cream I ate last night. 😀

P90X Challenge – Day 27, Rest

Today was a day of rest and it was fabulous! I spent the evening with one of my good friends watching the Oscar’s and eating chocolate cake with chocolate fudge cooked inside. Then we drizzled homemade fudge on top of the cake and added vanilla bean ice cream. It was wonderfully delicious!! Definitely not on my “healthy eating” list, but totally worth it. Sometimes, you just have to splurge.

Tomorrow, I begin phase 2 of the P90X challenge. I’m actually looking forward to it. Check back tomorrow to see how it goes. Thanks for following my journey.

P90X Challenge – Day 26, Yoga X

Cheetos were my temptation today. What was your temptation?

You know that scene from the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? The one where the girls are all stuck in the cabin and the boys are banned to the barn, and the snow is falling? Well, it snows for days, then weeks, then months. The girls are bored to death stuck in the house, while the snow continues to fall, day after day. That is how I’m beginning to feel. We have had an unusually large amount of snow this year. I know that compared to other states it may seem nominal, however our communities are not equipped properly to keep the streets clear on a consistent basis. I have come to the realization that I don’t know if I would do well in a state where it snows a lot all winter long. I suppose if the sun were shining, and the skies were blue, it might be okay, but I’m not sure.

Today, as the snow continued to fall, peacefully outside, I had absolutely no desire to workout. My motivation was completely gone. My body was sore and I knew that it would continue to be sore for the next couple of months, as I continue my P90X journey.

As I looked about the house this morning, my daughter was curled up on the couch watching TV, while my boys were playing outside in the snow with a friend. My husband was busy reading the latest news on the iPad. Everyone was relaxing and enjoying their morning.

As I debated whether to workout or not, I noticed my husband making tuna fish sandwiches for my youngest son, and himself. I saw him pour the last of the Cheetos onto their plates, and my mouth began to water. I had purchased a Costco sized bag of Cheetos for the kids lunches and realized they were finishing off the bag. The thought that occurred to me at that moment, was that I had not eaten a single Cheeto. Within moments, my mouth was watering and I had a very strong desire to eat some. When my husband turned around to put the mayonnaise away, I quickly grabbed a couple of Cheetos and popped them into my mouth. They were the most delicious thing I had eaten all day. Well…maybe that was partly because they were the only thing I had eaten all day.

There was a part of me that felt guilty for eating the Cheetos, but there was also another part of me that wanted more. The part of me that wanted more, wished I could grab the rest of the Cheetos, sit on the couch all morning long, and watch a movie while eating them. Then, there was the other part of me. The one that was telling myself to stop and go workout. IT WAS DECISION TIME. The Cheetos were calling my name, and I REALLY wanted to eat more of them. I reached over to my husbands plate, just as he was turning to get it. I grabbed a couple more as he looked at me with a look that said, “Don’t you dare eat my Cheetos!” I smiled, tossed them in my mouth, then walked downstairs to begin my workout.

My mistake this morning was in not eating a healthy, filling breakfast, before my workout. I usually eat something at least an hour or two before I workout. Today I had failed to do that. The result of that decision was that EVERYTHING looked tempting and delicious. Yes, I did complete my Yoga workout, however it was not my best performance. My heart was not in it today and it was difficult to focus on the moves. I did workout, but not as intense as usual.

Do you ever have days like today? Days where you REALLY do not want to workout? Days where you’re tempted by unhealthy food choices? How do you overcome them? What do you do to convince yourself to make the right decision? Or, do you sometimes give in too? Am I the only one tempted by Cheetos? In all honesty, normally they are not very tempting to me, Nacho Cheese Doritos are typically more tempting to me than Cheetos. How do you overcome temptations in your life? How do you convince yourself to workout, when you’re not in the mood?

P90X Challenge – Day 25, Core Synergistics

Okay, today’s post is going to be short and sweet because it’s late and I’m exhausted.

This morning I completed the Core Synergistics workout. I had a full day planned today, so I began my workout early and tried to focus on the moves. Thankfully, the time flew by and before I knew it, I was done and ready to tackle the rest of my day. I was tempted to skip my workout, as I had a busy day planned, but am grateful that I didn’t. At least I’ve been able to stay consistent 6 days a week since I started. It feels good, but is not always easy.

Tomorrow is the Yoga X routine again. Next week I’m back to the grueling intense workouts. Well, I guess that’s not a correct statement, because this “recovery” week is also very intense.

Did you workout today? What did you do? How do you find time to exercise when you have a full day? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

P90X Challenge – Day 24, X Stretch

Stretching the mind is equally as important as stretching the body.

Well, today started out slow. We woke up to snow and no school for the kids. I decided to take it easy and slept in later than I should have. I spent the morning cleaning the house, and helping the kids as they went in and out of the house all morning to play in the snow. The dogs seemed to enjoy playing in the snow right along with the kids. I couldn’t help but laugh every time I looked out the window. My youngest son had fun making snowballs, then throwing them in the air as high as he could, only to watch the dogs jump and catch them as they came down. Tyko, our  youngest dog, was hilarious. The poodle in him came out in full force today, as he jumped high in the air and practically did back flips, trying to catch all the snowballs. I enjoyed listening to the laughter of the kids and watching them enjoy the snow together.

Our backyard is basically flat. There is a small decline towards the back and that is where my son and his friend spent the majority of their time today. They were determined to go sledding. Even though the gentle decline is not more than probably 3 feet, they found a way to run with their sleds and enjoy the VERY SHORT ride, over and over again. I guess kids will always find a way to sled if there is one.

I finally decided I’d better workout before the day was over. At about 1:00 pm I finally descended the stairs to the basement for today’s workout. I could see the kids playing in the snow outside as I hit the “play” button on the XBox. I decided to close the curtains, so I wouldn’t be distracted, as the kids played in the snow. My youngest, decided that was the signal to throw a few snowballs at the window, and waved at me excitedly as I opened the curtain back up.

As the DVD began, I settled in and tried to focus on the new workout routine today. X Stretch was a new one for me, and today was the first time I was completing the routine. I must admit that I really enjoyed the stretching today. It felt good to stretch my body in various ways for about an hour. It was a calm routine, but not necessarily easy. I could really feel my muscles stretching throughout the program. By the time it was over, I felt great. I was glad I had worked out and my body felt refreshed in a new way.

This week has been really good for my body. I can definitely see the benefit to having a “recovery” week every month. It feels good to work my body in different ways, and the extra stretching and yoga this week has been good for me.

How much stretching did you do today? Do you remember to take the time to stretch before and after your workouts? What’s your favorite stretch?

Bats In The Backyard – Fabulous or Creepy?

What do you think? Are bats fabulous or creepy?

It was the end of summer and the weather was warm late into the evening. I decided to spend the evening reading a book on the hammock in the backyard. My day had been busy with work and I had come home to enjoy the peace and serenity of my garden. As I lay in the hammock, reading my book, I was at peace. The gentle swaying of the hammock, while I read, was almost enough to put me to sleep.

Before long, my teenage daughter spotted me, swaying gently in the hammock. She quickly left the cool, air-conditioned house, to join me. We began to chat about our days and how they had gone. As we continued our conversation, the sun began to set. It was still warm, but a gentle breeze had begun to move gently through the air. My daughter quickly ran into the house and came back with a blanket. As she threw it over us, we continued to rock and talk in the hammock.

As dusk set in, and the crickets and frogs began to play their nightly melody, we heard a “swoosh” in the air above us. At first we were unsure of what had just flown over us. We disregarded it and continued our conversation. Before long, we heard the “swoosh” again, this time it was right above us and VERY close. As we both followed the flutter with our eyes, we turned to one another, and at the same time said, “Was that a bat?”

We stopped the gentle swaying of the hammock and lay still, waiting for the sound again. There it was! This time we were sure it was a bat. We pulled the blanket up closer around our faces and peered out cautiously. As we watched, we could see several bats flying above us in the air. They were out for their nightly feast and it seemed our yard was full of food. We were a little freaked out at first. I mean, come on, who wants to hang out with bats?

As we continued to watch, we became mesmerized by their efforts. As a gardener, I was happy to see them plucking away at the insects that came out in full force during the night. As a woman who wanted to relax in her hammock, I was not so sure I wanted bats flying around above me while I rested.

We ended up staying in the hammock for sometime, just watching, and listening, to the activity around us. It was amazing to witness all that transpired in our garden at night. The moon was full and as our eyes adjusted we could see more. It was an evening spent in quiet solitude with my daughter by my side. We had fun that evening, even if we were a little freaked out.

How do you feel about bats? Do you think you could lay still in a hammock and let them fly back and forth above you, close enough that if you wanted you could reach out and catch one? Do you think they’re creepy? From what I read they are supposed to be wonderful for your garden. I had no idea we had so many and no idea where they spent their days. All I know is that our backyard seemed to be the perfect restaurant for them.

P90X Challenge – Day 23, Kenpo X

This little guy looks ready to box! Jab, cross, hook, upper cut...come on little guy, you can do it.

I was not as motivated as I should have been today. We woke up to snow, no school for the kids, and more snow… Kenpo X was on the schedule for today. Normally, I love Kenpo X and look forward to doing it. For some reason, today was not one of those days. I felt sluggish this morning and put off my workout until almost lunchtime. I did, however, get dinner cooking in the crock pot by 9:30am! I guess that was something accomplished early on…

Once I finally got started on todays workout, I quickly picked up speed and enjoyed the routine. I had to “towel off” multiple times as the sweat continued to pour off me. All in all, it was a great workout.

Tomorrow is another new routine for me. It is X Stretch and is one of the routines slotted for this “recovery” week. I’m sure it will be interesting. From reading the exercise manual it looks like it will be 57 minutes of stretching. My body will love it, I’m sure.

So far, this week has been a nice change of pace from the normal workout schedule. It’s still been tough but I can tell my body is enjoying the change.

Do you ever have days where it’s tough to get motivated to exercise? How do you overcome it? I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts…

This little monkey photo was just too cute, I had to include it. Doesn’t he look like he’s ready to start boxing? He would make a fun little boxing partner, don’t you think?