P90X Challenge – Day 58 & Day 59, Arms & Shoulders, Ab Ripper X & Yoga X

Sometimes life get’s busy! The past 2 days have been crazy, which explains why I’m posting 2 days in one update.

Yesterday, I woke up at the crack of dawn, earlier than I have in a very long time. I knew that my schedule was going to be full and that if I did not work out early I probably wouldn’t work out at all. For those of you that don’t know…I am NOT a morning person. I don’t get cranky, I just don’t enjoy waking up really early. I actually started my day pretty positive, in spite of the early hour. I was looking forward to my day as it would be ended in the company of friends.

As I began my workout, Arms & Shoulders, I noticed that my body was a bit tighter than normal. I attributed that to the early hour and the fact that my body had not been awake long. I made sure to stretch a little extra and had a good warm-up session before beginning. I always love the Arms & Shoulder routine and yesterday was no different. If felt good to be back working with weights again and I upped my weights from the last time. I was really beginning to feel the difference with the heavier weights, but it felt good. By the time I got to the Ab Ripper X routine I was fully engaged and ready to push myself even harder. When I was finished I felt renewed and energized by the rigorous workout. It was a great start to my day!

Today was a little different. I had decided to go into work early so that I could finish and be home with my kids who had early release this week. The morning went by quickly and before I knew it, it was time to head home. As I entered the house I became distracted with other things that needed my attention. Before I knew it, it was dinner time. I decided to postpone my workout until an hour or so after dinner. As the night wore on I found myself engrossed in the book I was reading for my monthly book club. I had dressed and was ready for my workout after dinner but made the mistake of picking up my book to read “for just a few minutes”. Well, those few minutes turned into half an hour. Thank goodness for my son who came bouncing into the living room asking if he could workout with me tonight. After a few comments from him like, “Are you done yet? Can we start now?” and comments like,  “I thought you were just reading one more page?” I finally put the book down, reluctantly.

As my youngest son danced playfully down the stairs, excited to participate in my workout with me, I must admit that I moved a little more slowly. It was already 7:30 pm and my enthusiasm to workout was quickly disappearing. My son urged me on, thrilled that I had not completed my workout for the day so he could join me. Needless to say, he was a little disappointed when I announced that today was Yoga X day. I think he was hoping for Kenpo X or a weight routine. He took it all in stride and began with me.

15 minutes into Yoga X my son turned to me and said, “I’m feeling really warm. I think I’m starting to sweat.” I laughed, and told him that was good, it meant that his body was warming up properly. He didn’t seem to enjoy the sweating part and asked if we could skip forward to something more fun. After a few more similar inquiries I told him that I would skip forward in a few minutes (I wanted to get in a little more “sweat” time first.)

After 30 minutes “of the boring stuff” as my son put it, I finally relented and skipped forward a bit to more of the balance postures. He seemed to enjoy those a little more and thought it was funny when he toppled over. I must say that he was a little distracting…but I enjoyed his laughter and companionship. He put me to shame with his flexibility as I discovered that he could actually do some of the most difficult moves without any problem. It’s amazing how much more flexible one is when they are only 8.

By the time we were nearing the end my son decided he’d had enough and would rather go upstairs to see if his older brother had finished making the cupcakes he had started earlier. He stood up, gave me a big smile, told me he loved me, and then quickly turned around and ran up the stairs calling for his brother. I couldn’t help but laugh as I heard him enter the kitchen above, asking if the cupcakes were done.

Reviewing the past 2 days workouts I have discovered that I get a much better workout when I complete it in the morning. Whenever I put it off until later in the day I find that I am not as motivated as I am in the morning. With that in mind, I have to admit that I enjoyed spending time with my son tonight. We had a good time together and he seemed to enjoy the one-on-one time with his mom.

Do you ever workout with your children? If so, what types of things do you do?


P90X Challenge – Day 57, Plyometrics…So Not In The Mood….

Well, today was my first day back from vacation and I had a full schedule. I decided to postpone my morning workout until after work to accommodate all I needed to do this morning. My day was going great until I came home and got ready to complete Plyo. As I headed downstairs I realized that my desire to workout today had fizzled out. I really was not in the mood…

I went ahead and pushed “play” and began the Plyometrics routine. I have to admit that it was difficult for me to get fully engage in the routine this afternoon. I worked out hard for the first half and was dripping sweat, as usual, but then I started to fizzle out. I ended up only completing 45 minutes of the 58 minute workout. Not typical for me. I don’t know why, but I just didn’t have the motivation to finish it today.

I guess working out in the morning is better for me. Not a great day for my exercise today…

P90X Challenge – Day 56, Chest & Back & Ab Ripper X

Well, today is my last day visiting my daughter and her family. It is sad to know that I am leaving shortly to head home. I will miss them and my new granddaughter. I am looking forward to seeing my other children and husband though.

I woke up and was excited to complete the Chest & Back routine again. I like this one. It felt good to work my upper body and to do Ab Ripper X as well. I don’t know how to explain it but I always feel better when my muscles are a little sore. I know then that I had a good workout. It felt good to use weights and get back to the basics of push ups and pull ups.

I leave in a few minutes to head to the airport so I wanted to get in a quick update. I met my goal of working out every day while away and that feels good. It’s nice to know that just because I go on vacation I don’t have to sacrifice my workout routine. It’s also nice to know that I have the will power to endure and stick with it.

P90X Challenge – Day 55, Yoga X

Yes, I did complete my Yoga X routine today. For those of you who read my post from yesterday, you know that I skipped doing the Yoga routine to help clean my daughters apartment and spend time with her family. It was difficult to workout today as I only have one day left with my darling granddaughter.

Not one to skip a workout I decided I’d better complete the Yoga routine today. I knew if I didn’t I’d feel bad about skipping yesterday. By doing it today I just swapped my “rest” day to yesterday, so in essence I’m still on schedule for tomorrow.

My vacation has been wonderful and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing my daughter, son-in-law, and new granddaughter. It seems the time has flown by too quickly though. Tomorrow I head back home….I am looking forward to seeing my other children and husband, but will miss my daughter and granddaughter very much.

I am amazed at how quickly Ady is changing. Just in the 9 days I’ve been here she has grown so much.

It has been difficult to stick with my P90X workouts while I’ve been here but I’m glad that I have. I made a commitment when I started to complete all 90 days and I’m still holding myself to that. Some days it takes a lot of will power to continue and I spend quite a bit of time talking myself into completing the workout. It’s good to know that so far it’s worked.

Do you continue to exercise when you go on vacation? How do you motivate yourself? I’m sure at some point, when I’m physically fit, I won’t need to workout 6 days a week, but for now, that’s my schedule and I’m sticking to it.

P90X Challenge – Day 54, Yoga X or Not

Okay, I have to admit that I did not complete my P90X workout today. Yes, it’s true. First time since I began. I only have 2 days left with my daughter and decided to spend today cleaning her apartment and helping her with some other chores. I chose to take my “rest” day today and will complete Yoga X tomorrow. So, in essence I won’t miss a day, I just reversed two days schedule. Sometimes you just have to prioritize and my daughters needs came first.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with my daughter and her family. My new granddaughter is so precious and I will miss her greatly when I have to head back home. So…I’m making the most of the time I’m here.

P90X Challenge – Day 53, Core Synergistics

It’s been snowing all day and the trees and ground are covered in white. I finally decided I’d better get busy and do my workout for the day as my daughter and I had plans for later in the day. Today was Core Synergistics again. I have to admit that this routine is tough. There are some moves that are extremely difficult for me. My daughter was surprised by some of the moves as well and encouraged me on as I grunted and groaned through some of them. At one point, she said, “That looks really hard!” As sweat dripped down my face I replied, “It is.” I tried not to laugh, if I did I knew I would topple over immediately.

I forgot to grab a hand towel to wipe my sweat off during the workout today, so I used my shirt instead. I really sweat a lot today, but it felt great. I’m glad that I’ve been able to continue with my workouts while being away from home. My daughter has been wonderful about encouraging me each day.

I was reading up on what to expect for the next 5 weeks. The last 5 weeks of P90X is pretty intense and they really mix up the routines a lot. I’m looking forward to making it to the end….just in time to start again. At least that is what I’m thinking. I’m pretty determined to keep with the P90X workouts as I have come to really enjoy them and the fact that I feel so much better when I do them every day.

This questions if for those of you who have been following my journey…”Have you implemented any new exercise into your life?” I’m hoping that someone, even if it’s just one person, will see that it is possible. Hopefully I will inspire someone. Either way, I know that I am making positive changes in my own life and that feels good.

P90X Challenge – Day 52, X Stretch

Well…I must confess that it was 3:30 pm when I finally pushed “play” on the P90X Stretch DVD. Last night was a bit rough for my daughter and her new baby and I had stayed up to help. We were both a bit tired this morning as we began our day. We spent the early afternoon visiting with a good friend as we enjoyed one another’s company. As the day progressed, my desire to workout lessened. I looked at my daughter, more than once, and said, “I really don’t want to workout today.” Her reply was, “It’s okay mom, you can do it.”

Thankfully, my daughter’s encouragement worked and I finally began my workout. I’m grateful she pushed me and happy that I didn’t miss it today. I’m also very happy it was the Stretch routine as it didn’t tax me too much. 😀