Eating Can Be Exhausting!

I had to laugh today when I received this photo of my granddaughter via text. Eating can be so exhausting when you’re little. At least she fell asleep with a full tummy.

I remember the days when my children would fall asleep in their high chair, or even at the table, with their face in their plate. This picture brought back so many memories that I had to laugh.

Do you ever feel this way after you eat? Have you ever fallen asleep at the table? I know my children have. Usually when it happens it is after a long day of playing hard. That’s when I know they’ve had a great day! Their little bodies just get tuckered out and no matter how hard they try they just can’t stay awake. Oh, to have that luxury of drifting off to a deep, sound sleep and having someone carry you to bed.

I’m so glad that my daughter and son-in-law captured this sweet photo for me today! It makes me feel like I’m a part of her daily experiences even though I’m in another state.

If you have little children, take a moment to snap a photo of something in their everyday routine and send it to their grandma or grandpa. Trust me, it will make their day!



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