Rainbows for Dinner

Yesterday as I was preparing for dinner I heard my son holler, “MOM, come look quick!” As I walked over to our back door and looked outside I saw the most beautiful vibrant rainbow. We could actually see the end of the rainbow resting on the roof of a house on the street below ours. Above the bright rainbow was a second rainbow making the view even more majestic.  I quickly ran downstairs to grab my camera so I could snap a photo. By the time I came back upstairs the second rainbow had almost disappeared and the main one was already beginning to fade. I snapped a few photos to capture the moment anyway. Here’s what we saw.

Every day I try to take the time to look for something in nature that brings a smile to my face. Sometimes my children are the ones who point things out to me, like today.  We live in a beautiful world and I’m grateful for the ever changing seasons and the beauty they bring with them.  What captured your eye today?

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