Today I bought 30 Roses…

ImageI had just left the restaurant after having a delightful lunch with my husband and two of his coworkers. My husband had sent me a text earlier, inviting me to join them for lunch. I have to say that we had some great conversations and laughed A LOT! I’m not sure what was more fun, listening to the funny stories they shared, or watching them laugh so hard I thought they were going to cry. It was definitely a much needed break from my work day.

As I got in my car to leave, I remembered that I needed to pick up some laundry soap. So…I drove to the nearest grocery store to buy some. Upon entering the store I noticed all the beautiful flowers for sale. I’ll admit that on most grocery trips, I walk right by the flowers with nothing more than a quick glance in their direction. Today was different…

As I walked by the flowers, I looked at all the beautiful varieties and vibrant colors. I kept walking on by, as usual, when I suddenly decided to turn around. I walked back to the flower section and moved among the flowers, glancing at all the many choices. My eyes were naturally drawn to the roses, as they have always been a favorite of mine.

I soon found myself standing in front on the many, many, roses they had on display. I took in all the vibrant colors, and the aroma that wafted into the air surrounding them. While there were a variety of vibrant colors, I found myself searching for the white ones. They have always been my absolute favorite!

I spotted several bunches of white and ivory roses. I decided that today, the ivory colored roses seemed to draw my attention more. I picked up a pre-wrapped bunch, which contained 18 ivory colored roses. I decided I would buy them on an impulse. As I prepared to walk away, my eyes rested on a dozen red roses at the other end of the display. Okay…that was it. I was buying both!

I don’t often buy myself flowers, but I said to myself, “Why not?” I love flowers and the beauty they provide. Most often I observe them in their natural state outside. However, I have always loved a beautiful display of flowers in a vase. Today I was buying 30 roses for myself and completely happy with the arrangement.

When was the last time you bought yourself, or someone you love, flowers?

As I stood in line to pay for my roses today, I noticed the gentleman in front of me. He was waiting to pick up some flowers he had obviously purchased. As we began to chat, while we waited, he said to me, “I’m going to break into my wife’s car today while she’s at work.” He had a huge smile, that brightened his entire face, and I could tell he was excited to surprise his wife with flowers today. I smiled contently, as I watched and listened, to this kind man who was obviously planning to surprise his wife today. He was so excited, to share his surprise with me, that it was obvious he loved his wife very much.

How do you show your love for those you care about? Oftentimes, it is the small, simple gestures that mean the most. It doesn’t have to be flowers. It could be a simple note telling them you love them. Perhaps its a text message during the day to let them know you’re thinking of them. Maybe, its just spending time with them.

Often, we get caught up with our own busy lives, and all we have to do each day. It’s easy to forget to stop, and pay attention, to the subtle signs that could easily be overlooked. Think about those you love, and take the time to really notice them, each and every time you see them. Are they worried, stressed, happy, sad, content, overworked, exhausted, sleep deprived, serious, or playful? Consider how their day may have gone and find a way to do something kind for them. Remember…its the small things that matter most.

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